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Cyphers X

Handcrafted digital stuff

Digital Creations

Some of our digital stuff, we've done so far.

Like that stuff? Please drop us a line.

  • Top Design About
  • We're digital architects!
  • Digital architects!
  • Cyphers X is a german based design studio with crazy visions for increasing the modern web with digital stuff.
    We create cool websites, rockin' motion graphics and powerful web applications.

    • Icon Screendesign
    • Screendesign
    • From the first pixels to the final comp. We give ideas a digital face through fancy designs and a clean user experience.
    • Icon Coding
    • Coding
    • From the mockup into the browser. We implement websites and easy to use web applications, integrating actual technology.
    • Icon Animation
    • Animation
    • Wanna promote projects through creative motion graphics and impressive sound? We rock trailers, adverts and animations.

Wanna know more? Question us!

Headline Contact

We can help. From the very first meeting and advice over planning and agile implementation till it is live.
Please get in touch with just a call or simply a message via the form below, email or facebook.

CX Founder: C. Löer

Hi, i'm Carsten!

I'm a designer from germany and the founder of Cyphers X. Wanna engage us or just drop a line? We'd love to hear from you!

  • Mobile +49 (0) 177 80 210 90

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    Cyphers X - Digital Projects
    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Carsten Löer
    Ringerottstraße 42 | 45772 Marl | Germany

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